The Daily Grind

Owl cowl was a bust because I can’t seem to perfect the art of not casting on a rigid, inflexible line. Mom liked the overall effect though, so with her input I’ll frog it and redo with these changes:

  • Stretchy cast-on
  • fewer ridge repeats
  • Two more pattern repeats and less aggressive blocking so ridges don’t collapse and owls don’t stretch as much

In other news, Rams and Yowes is suffering from my completely in-character reluctance to work to a schedule. I have a spreadsheet made so I always know how many rows I need to complete each day (and hopefully prod me to do more) but knowing there’s a deadline just makes me hate working on it. Well, that and the constantly changing colors. And the two-handed technique. And the constant stress of keeping floats loose. There’s nothing for it at this point but to buckle down and do as much as I can stand every day.

2017 Knitting Resolutions

Ravelry suggested making a list of resolutions for the year, but I’m not comfortable joining a group for that so I’ll do it here. New blog format’s a go!

In no particular order, I want to accomplish these things:

  • WIP        Finish Rams & Yowes by mid- to end of February for the FFA Alumni auction
  • ORG       Decorate and organize Noni’s hutch once it’s here (contact paper or sticky tiles, shelf separators)
  • FIX         Redo mom’s Owl Cowl so she can actually wear it
  • NEW      Make Hot Oatmeal for Kim (bonus if it’s done somewhere near her birthday, whenever that is)
  • NEW      Make Cardinia Wrap for Amber (bonus if she likes the colors)
  • NEW      Make a Romper for Adriana by July, pattern Liviana picked
  • NEW      Make myself the Cala Luna sweater
  • NEW      Use my nice EFA yarn to make Copilot cowl for myself
  • NEW      Make Woven Stripes blanket for Vanda for Christmas
  • NEW      Make High Desert, possibly for submittal to a fair?
  • WIP        Finish Tyler’s scarf in time for next winter, since this winter isn’t going to happen
  • WIP        Finish my scarf in time for next winter, since this winter isn’t going to happen
  • ORG       COLD SHEEP! No new yarn before this list is finished!